Paying It Forward

Opportunity Knocks at Marketing For Romance Writers Summer Camp. Open the door to our MOTTO: SEEK, TEACH, LEARN, SHARE, SUCCEED

Today, please welcome Pauline Baird Jones who will be talking about the other theme of my blog—writing. She has authored 12 novels, the most recent of which is Kicking Ashe.  She also has published three handbooks on writing.

 Welcome Pauline


One day, when my daughter was little, she asked me, “Mom, how do you know what you know?

I looked at her, blinked a couple of times, and responded, “I learned it from someone else.”

Teaching and learning are fairly simple–and really obvious–concepts and yet…to learn a person needs to be teachable. We start out teachable, but too often, along the path to becoming grownup, we forget how to learn.

Being teachable is really important for authors. We need to be able to learn the craft, be able to adjust to a changing marketplace, and manage our personal businesses (yes, an author is a business).

Thankfully, there are people who are willing to share what they know to those taking their first publishing steps. I’ve been really lucky about finding people who a) knew stuff and b) were willing to share that stuff with a newbie so green she convinced beans she was one of them.

I can’t go back and shake the hand of the people who helped me when I was new to the business. Many of them I never met in person and some, sadly, are no longer around to thank. I can only do what they did and pay it forward. One way I do that is by directing people to good resources.

I recently had the good fortune to stumble onto a great resource, a yahoo email loop called Marketing for Romance Writers. If I feared I was too old to learn (I have been around the biz for a considerable time), that fear was eased after a week or two. I can still learn.

MFRW totally embraces the concept of paying it forward. In that spirit the loop is hosting a Summer Camp, which promises to be both free and packed with marketing information (details below).

So, how do you know what you know? And are you still teachable?

Marketing for Romance Writers Summer Camp is July 14th – July 15th. To receive updates for the camp or learn more about it and MFRW, please sign up here:

Pauline Baird Jones is the author of twelve novels of varying levels of mayhem and humor. She’s also written two writing handbooks, Adapting Your Novel for Film and Made-up Mayhem and she co-wrote Managing Your Book Writing Business. You can find out more about her and her work at

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11 thoughts on “Paying It Forward

  1. Hey you guys…I’m so blessed to know you two. This is fantastic. Thank you so much for supporting the Summer Camp. Simply wonderful.

    • It really is so true that paying forward is easy, much easier than holding stuff back. All the “draft” from all the helping hands lifts all of us up. 🙂 Yeah, the question made me blink and then laugh. So cute! Thank you so much!

    • @ Karen – thanks for putting this all together! HUGE job! oh my! So glad I found MFRW!

  2. Many thanks for hosting me today! Will be checking back for comments and boosting the post today. 🙂

  3. vicki batman

    Hi, Pauline: Paying it forward is so easy and it does come back around. I loved your daughter’s question about how do you know. Their innocence is heart felt. Good luck with your book!

  4. All I can say is MFRW is amazing..they are a family and not just people who will help you and guide you..they are friends who look out for you..who take the time to teach you and give you a bigger outlook on marketing and such.

  5. Does my heart good to see people embracing MFRW. I created it because there was such a need for a place to share information. It’s a great feeling to see it developing as it has. I’m excited to see how much it helps others. Thank you for being willing to share!

  6. Can only say “Ditto!” Savannah. 🙂

  7. I’m looking forward to the Summer Camp. Thanks so much Pauline telling us about it.

  8. Great post! Is MFRW for non-romance writers, too?
    Have fun at summer camp, y’all!

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