Weekend Snippets #10


FOREWARNING Is On Sale at Amazon


I’m super excited to have just released FOREWARNING, the first book of my Horses and Healing Mysteries series. It’s available now at Amazon.


Now for my last snippet from this story.


Kasey Martin wakes in the middle of a storm because something is wrong with her horses. When a sudden wave of pain hits her, she realizes that someone–a man–is injured and she goes to investigate.


The dark forms of three horses in front of a covered feeding shed flashed in the headlights. A smaller shape slumped on the ground beneath its shelter. The man moved when the lights hit him and waves of pain threatened to overwhelm her. She hit the brakes, stunned that his suffering penetrated to her so easily—stunned at how badly hurt he was.
Gasping for air, she fought the panic that took her breath away. I can’t do this. She stared at the man for a long moment and with shaking hands put the truck in reverse. I have to get someone else.


Forewarning Cover
   Grieving and guilt-stricken after her husband’s suicide, Kasey Martin has closed her energetic healing practice and retreated to her Oregon horse ranch. One night, she rescues a badly injured man, and against her better judgment, uses her neglected skills to save his life. This starts her on an unexpected journey of healing and danger.  Complicating her life is Jim Bradley, an old friend who has long been in love with her and wants her to return to her work. When criminals looking for her patient invade the serenity of her world, she must use her skills to save all three of their lives.


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Happy reading!
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18 thoughts on “Weekend Snippets #10

  1. Oh dear, but I’m sure there IS no one else, so she might as well go deal with this injured person, right? I’m very intrigued by the premise and the excerpt!

  2. siobhanmuir

    Wow, intense snippet, Kate. Nicely done. 🙂

  3. I completely understand her decision, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be that easy!

  4. That was intense! Very interesting connection she has to this mystery man. Best of luck with FOREWARNING’s release!

  5. Very intense. Good job!

  6. Nice work with two of the same elements that I use–Healing and horses. I’ll have to follow this one.

  7. Wow! Sets it all up quite nicely.

  8. Wow. She’s terrrified and overwhelmed. Can’t wait to see where this goes! Great snippet.

  9. I’m glad I’m not in Kasey’s situation right now. This story keeps on giving me shivers.

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