Another Snippet


I’m back again with another small piece. Be sure to catch all the other snippets posted by the many talented authors via Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors.


Here’s a following bit from the second chapter of Wyoming Escape.  Let me know what you think.


Wyoming Cover - 1600

One dead body is frightening enough. A second one, plus a dirty cop, sends chef Mikela Richards fleeing for her life. She hides on a Wyoming Dude ranch, but her attraction to an on-leave Marine threatens her fragile feeling of safety.


Hiding her shaking hands under the table, Mikela offered a tentative smile. “I’m fine–just not good with loud noises.” Damn, when would she get over jumping at the slightest racket? How long before the memories of dead men stopped haunting her? She took a deep breath and willed her trembling to quiet.

Once she was sure she wouldn’t spill anything, she sipped at her cup and glanced around the small coffee shop. Not much to look at. Whoever was manning the stove knew their stuff, though. The scrambled eggs passing her table were fragrant with herbs and the coffee was the best she’d tasted in a week.

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26 thoughts on “Another Snippet

  1. Now you have me hungry for breakfast.

  2. Nice description, I hope the breakfast can take her mind away from the noise.

  3. Great description–I’m getting hungry and I need my coffee.

  4. The very best places care about food over decor. 🙂

    I think the touch of PTSD are also realistic, and hearttugging.

  5. I’m with Sue Ann. You’ve made me hungry–you’ve made a good connection with the reader. Nice details. Good 8! 🙂

  6. Add me to the list of people who are now hungry. LOL You need to start serving dinner with your snippets! I love the PTSD reaction — very nice.

  7. Hmmm, that last sentence made my mouth water! 🙂
    great snippet!

  8. siobhanmuir

    Oh, I really like the premise of this tale, Kate. Nice snippet. 🙂

  9. elainecsc2013

    It’s cold here. I could use some of that coffee.

  10. Really a terrific snippet, we’re all hungry for those eggs now!

  11. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Nice visual. I want a cup of coffee now and snack. lol

  12. Gem

    I’m ready for scrambled eggs and coffee. Fantastic scene.

  13. Need my coffee. Nice Snippet. Cher’ley

  14. Enjoyed this very much. I could see her sitting there trying to gain control…

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